Silversponsor Symposium

We offer two Silver Sponsor Satellite Symposium


22. august 10:30-12:00 Meeting Room 19

Telemedical wound assessment - a national IT tool in everyday clinical practice cross-sectoral
In Denmark a national telemedical wound assessment is currently being implemented. Specialty departments in hospitals
are already cooperating with local wound care nurses about the treatment of leg ulcers, but it is a challenge to exchange
data in a quick and effi cient manner. At the same time it can be a challenge to maintain the same principles of treatment
and skills in wound management, and to ensure an early effort by specialists in wound management. The national project
supports common learning and qualifi cation principles.
By using a common IT platform that can function as a shared care platform and as a communication tool, gives the
clinicians the opportunity to share data and apply the same principles of treatment. The national implementation project
supports development of shared competence and optimization of the referral process. The treatment of wounds is
performed within several hospital specialties and the practice of registration of diagnosis is varied, the national project
promotes joint registration practices.
The national implementation project is a consequence of a national business case. The government, Local Government
Denmark and Danish Regions has agreed to validate the national business case and if necessary, change the described
gain potential in the national business case, thus a dynamic business case is used.
Learning Objectives:
At this symposium you will be introduced to:
• The National Action Plan for telemedicine in Denmark in 2012-2015
• A national program of telemedical wound assessment for 5 regions and 98 municipalities
• Telemedicine applied via an online shared care platform in a national program
• The use of telemedicine as a targeted communication tool for wound assessment
• Learning tools such as e-learning and traditional courses as part of the development of telemedical wound assessment
• Work with a dynamic national business case


  • Kristoffer Karlsen, CEO Danish Telemedicine
  • Rie Nygaard, Partner, Development and process management, KvaliCare
  • Susan Jorgensen, Partner, CEO, benchmarking and support, KvaliCare
  • Lars Hulbæk, Deputy Head, MedCom
  • Dorthe Skou Lassen, Senior Consultant, MedCom




22. August 13:45-15:15 Meeting Room 19

IMO Clinical Interface Terminology: The Foundation for Electronic Medical Records Effi cacy Clinical Interface Terminology, as pioneered by IMO, is the most fundamental element for the effi cacy and interoperability of medical records systems. Hospitals and health systems seeking to have an effective health record system will fi nd
IMO’s terminology solution essential to achieving this goal. In this symposium, you will learn how IMO’s terminology service provides nomenclature cross-mapping of code sets and medical vocabularies to allow for the capture of structured clinical information for the clinician. This way, ‘true clinical intent’ in captured and documented within the electronic medical record. The automated mapping to standard code sets is at the center of any EMR system.
IMO’s most widely-used product is IMO Problem (IT), a database of over 260,000 clinician-friendly medical terms and concepts that are seamlessly mapped to all major reference coding systems, including SNOMED CT® and ICD-10-WHO.
Problem (IT) allows clinicians to build problem lists and capture diagnoses with a higher degree of granularity than SNOMED CT or ICD-10. This improves the quality of the diagnosis in a problem list while improving the clinical workfl ow, saving a great deal of time for the clinician. IMO also provides automatic nomenclature updates, simplifying the management of your vocabularies.
As a leading healthcare technology innovation center, IMO is also deeply involved in Speech Recognition Technologies and Natural Language Processing for longitudinal care records, Patient Histories, eHealth and OpenMRS, and will provide an overview to these technologies.

Learning Objectives:
After this symposium, you will have the ability to:
• Understand Clinical Interface Terminology and how it works
• Recognize how Interface Terminology is essential for the effi cacy of health information systems
• Differentiate Intelligent Medical Objects from other terminology services
• Identify how IMO supports other eHealth initiatives

Frank Naeymi-Rad, PhD, MBA, Chairman and Chief Executive Offi