On determining factors for good research in biomedical and health informatics. Some lessons learned


Prof. Dr. Reinhold Haux

On determining factors for good research in biomedical and health informatics. Some lessons learned



Medical Informatics or, from a more broader perspective, biomedical and health informatics is an interdisciplinary discipline "avent la lettre".
Compared to monodisciplinary research, interdisciplinary research does not only impose significant opportunities for solving certain major problems in the sciences and in society. It also faces considerable additional challenges.

What constitutes good research in biomedical and health informatics? And what are determining factors for being able to do such research? Based on many lessons learned during my professional career, I want to try to identify such factors and present them for discussion.
As medical informatics as field has to be considered today as a major driving force for research progress, mainly in biomedicine and health care, but also in fields like computer science, it might be important to be aware of such factors with respect to research and education in our discipline.


Reinhold Haux is Professor for Medical Informatics and Director at the Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics of the University of Braunschweig - Institute of Technology and of Hannover Medical School, Germany.
The current research fields of Prof. Haux are health information systems and management, and health-enabling technologies. Reinhold Haux is, among others, co-chairing the Lower Saxony Research Network Design of Environments for Ageing, a research project, now in its 5th year, where more than 60 researchers are involved in inter- and multidisciplinary research on information and communication technologies for promoting and sustaining quality of life, health and self-sufficiency.

Prof. Haux is author and editor of more than 300 publications. He has supervised about 50 doctoral theses. His current lectures are in medical informatics and various subfields, such as health information systems and health-enabling technologies. Since its start in 2001 the international Frank-van-Swieten-Lectures on Strategic Information Management in Health Information Systems are part of his teaching activities.
For the term 2007-2010 Reinhold Haux was President of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA). Since 2001 he is editor of the journal Methods of Information in Medicine. He has, from 2001 to 2007, co-edited the IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics. Reinhold Haux has advisory functions in science, economy, and government.
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