Site visits

20 August 8:30 -15

Site Visit ITX - Herlev University Hospital

Registration closed due to full list - first come, first served

This is an invitation to visit the large simulation lab, Danish Institute of Medical Simulation (DIMS) at Herlev University Hospital, where you can see how simulations are used for both training of clinicians and for evaluation of clinical information system.

The visit includes both a guided tour to several departments in the hospital, where you will have a chance to observe robotic surgery as well as the general application of health IT and a demonstration of clinical simulation at DIMS (Danish Institute for Medical Simulation).

The purpose is to demonstrate:

  1. Medical simulation for training clinicians
  2. Clinical simulation as a part of evaluation of how health IT does support clinical workflow
  3. Use of health IT at Herlev University Hospital.

The participants will be introduced to the use of simulation for training and for evaluation of health IT, and participate in the simulations. The tour at Herlev University Hospital includes robotic surgery and a couple of the clinical ICT-systems in The Capital Region of Denmark.

Detailed Program: Tuesday 20 August 2013

8:30 – 9:00: Arrival and coffee

9:00 – 11:30:  Introduction to simulation or tour at Herlev University Hospital

11:30 – 12:00 or 12:00 – 12:30: Lunch (½ hour)

12:30 – 1500: Tour at Herlev University Hospital or introduction to simulation We have capacity for 60 participants at the site-visit. The participants will be divided into groups of 10 people.

15:00: Bus transport back to the Conference venue.


More information on how you find your way in the morning

Click here to see options for public transport - this is from the conference venue to the hospital. It will take about 1 hour, ticket 36 DKK.

By car/taxi it is a 25 minute ride, 25 km, appr. 390 DKK.