Detailed program


The Medinfo 2013 proceedings are available as open-access e-book  at Printed copies of the Medinfo2013 proceedings can be purchased by sending an e-mail to and writing “MEDINFO 2013” in the subject header. Paper copies can also be ordered at the venue at the IOS Press stand.

Conference Opening Hours

20 August:  16.00 – 20.00
21 August:  8.30 – 18.30
22 August:  8.30 – 18.30
23 August:  8.30 – 18.30
Registration Opening Hours
20 August:  12.00 – 20.00
21 August:  7.30 – 18.30
22 August:  8.00 – 18.30
23 August:  8.00 – 14.30


Exhibition Opening Hours
20 August:  16.00 – 20.00
21 August:  8.00 – 18.30
22 August:  8.00 – 18.30
23 August:  8.00 – 14.30



Current version is 1.4,  date: 2013.08.16:

Pdf and printed Program (Version 1.3)

The complete program as downloadable pdf-file to be found: here. As a delegate you will get a copy of the printed version in your conference bag. Any corrections appearing after the production of the printed program will be listed here.  (currently version 1.3 -> version 1.4)

Scientific Program with option for searching on sessions, location etc.

The Scientific Program overview be found:  sessions, places and when

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Full Papers, Vision Papers, Student papers, Symposia, Demonstrations, Panels and Workshops to be found: titels, who, when and where   (Sortable by clicking at column headers)

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Program on Apps

A program app for iphone and android is now available.

1. Go to the App store or Google Play store
2. Search for "ConPass"
3. Install and open the app
4. Select "install" to install the Medinfo 2013 app in the ConPass app.



The Medinfo2013 Proceedings can be downloaded as e-book here. IMIA has provided free access to the e-book.

ADDENDA: the following posters are not available in the e-book or printed conference proceedings, and can be downloaded here:
Poster session D Board #03: Guoqian Jiang et al: Integrating an Ontology Visualization Tool for Supporting ICD-11 Revision Beta Phase
Poster session:B  Board #48: Alfredo Anibal Almerares et al: Use of a Rapid Assessment Process to Compare Three Mobile Multifunction Devices for Nurses` Rounds
Poster session:B Board # 76 Ivan V. Emelin, Igor M. Gubin:The Russian National Health Information System – current state and future
Poster session:B Board #78: Frederico Molina Cohrs, Alissa Peres Penteado, Cristina Lúcia Feijó Ortolani, Bartira de Aguiar Roza, Ivan Torres Pisa : A Flowchart Based on Business Process Modeling Notation to Understand Queuing Performance on Kidney Transplantation

Hard copy of the proceedings

If you wish to purchase a hard copy, you can do it  here.